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Time flies by so fast! It's already 2014 and our precious leader Lee Chaerin, a.k.a. the baddest female CL, turns 23!!! This unforgettable date, February 26, is coming closer and closer, and it's a little bit painful to know that everything goes by too fast. All we can do is to seize the moment, and make CL's birthday meaningful and unforgettable event!.... READ MORE.

YGL’s 20th Floor

It’s about time you’ve reach the 20th floor! This #1 stop is the home sweet home of the Baddest Female Seoul city ever had. And we ‘bout to set the roof on fire baby! Where theCLassifieds are keepin’ the party going with many awesome goodies of our Crazy Unpredictable, Leader Undeniable! Dress code IS in effect, so you better get your swag on, what are you waiting for? Come on…Let me show you somethin’ real quick, follow me~ 

cr: peachiimii@ygladies.com & tessie@ygladies.com

CL’s Likes

      * the color black
      * nail polish
      * incense candles
      * hand sanitizer
      * cleaning products
      * weird animals
      * glasses
      * accessories
      * (adores) Papa Teddy
      * music and fashion
      * saying A go go go! and oh my gwaaad!
      * drawing (mostly it’s weird animals)
      * sewing dolls (i.e. Tamtamie )
      * giving 2NE1 gifts like the funny costumes or making them gifts like the Blackjack shoes
      * Lauryn Hill/Madonna
      * Lil’ Kim
      * Mary J. Blige
      * Erykah Badu
      * cleaning up
      * reading
      * sunglasses
      * taking selcas
            * drawing book

CL’s Dislikes

To be updated!

Favorite CL Quotes

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Her fave colors are pink or black&white~
… her most infamous line “and I’m CL the one and only baddest female.”
-CL; G-dragon (Da Leaders)

"I want to be a singer-songwriter, who writes different kinds of music, I don’t want to be restricted to one kind of music only, and want to make songs that cover a variety of concepts that different people could like"
-Musician’s Choice Article

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