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[121227] 2NE1 is in the midst of preparing for a comeback; but when will that be?

- SportsChosun news report -

[Behind Story] 2NE1 who was supposed to have a comeback in October,

Why haven’t we heard any news of their comeback yet?

As major girl groups announce their comebacks one after another, 2NE1 has attracted much interest as they have been the only ones to remain silent.

Previously, 2NE1 actually planned to release a new song soon after their ‘I Love You’ promotional activities and return to the domestic stage. However, due to limitations caused by the ‘New Evolution’ global tour schedule such as the members’ physical problems etc, it was decided that they would release their new album in October instead. Soon after, the news came that the release of this new album would be postponed to November but since then, there has not been any news of their comeback and the curiosity of fans is growing.

Until now, it has not been decided when 2NE1 will make their comeback. Since starting off with the concert in Seoul in July until December 1, their first global tour ‘New Evolution’ have attracted a total of 200 thousand fans. They are now taking a rest and are immersed in the preparations for their new album. 2NE1, who has always been committed to concepts that feature unconventional music has been reported to have come up with fresh material again this time round, and also have been working closely with staff for the previews. They are also preparing to embark on another tour next summer.

A YGE representative says, “2NE1 is resting from their busy world tour schedule. While the songs are still works in progress, 2NE1 is in the midst of preparing a comeback with songs of the highest quality. A specific comeback schedule has not yet been set.

Source: SportsChosun via Nate :: Translated by nyldeabcd@YGLadies.com
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