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Time flies by so fast! It's already 2014 and our precious leader Lee Chaerin, a.k.a. the baddest female CL, turns 23!!! This unforgettable date, February 26, is coming closer and closer, and it's a little bit painful to know that everything goes by too fast. All we can do is to seize the moment, and make CL's birthday meaningful and unforgettable event!.... READ MORE.

[131115] Beaker Store Instagram:

Photo 1: #recap 2NE1’s Sandara Park and CL are (were) also at Beaker 1st Anniversary Party! With Wood Wood Team!! #BEAKER #woodwood #woodinthebeaker #2ne1 #sandarapark #dara #CL #Chaelin_CL

Photo 2: #recap R13 who got quite a lot of attention from style icon CL and Sandara Park! Their styling stood out!! #BEAKER #woodinthebeaker #R13 #sandarapark #dara #chaelin_cl #cl

(The designer denim label R13 Denim produces its artfully distressed jeans and sharp outerwear in Italy using textiles sourced from Japan — producer of some of the world’s best fabrics. The label’s aesthetic toes the line between classic Americana and downtown, rock-inspired edge, with styles ranging from women’s slim-fit legging jeans, five-pocket denim-and-leather chap jeans, and bleached cut-off shorts, to men’s trucker jackets. Founded in 2009, R13 has already become a hit among celebs such as Jay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.)

Photo 3: #recap Blonde Sandara Park of 2NE1 shooting a photo at BEAKER’s 1st Anniversary Party! Super gorgeous!! #BEAKER #woodwood #woodinthebeaker #2ne1 #dara #sandarapark

More photos of the girls at this event can be found here in Eye Candy.

Beaker is a new multi brand concept from Bleeker which has just launched in two flagship locations; in upmarket Gangnam and super trendy Itaewon. Beaker is the place to shop for contemporary US and European designer brands such as Helmut Lang, Aspesi, Rag & Bone, and Band of Outsiders - none of which are available anywhere else in Korea. In addition Beaker showcases the hottest local design talent.

Source: Beaker Store’s Instagram 23:
Translated by Bom_Always@ygladies.com

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