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Time flies by so fast! It's already 2014 and our precious leader Lee Chaerin, a.k.a. the baddest female CL, turns 23!!! This unforgettable date, February 26, is coming closer and closer, and it's a little bit painful to know that everything goes by too fast. All we can do is to seize the moment, and make CL's birthday meaningful and unforgettable event!.... READ MORE.

YGL’s 18th Floor

Where’s the Daralings’ first stop? It’s Sandara Park’s presidential suite on the 18th floor. Providing you with a variety of aDORKable Dara goodies and moments which any Daraling would love. The maknae ahjooma that loves dried mangoes more than anything, get ready to meet a girl that will never cease to make you laugh. It’s the place to spazz and get your daily dose of your Dara fandom. So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate and come in here now! 

Sandara Park

Name : Sandara Park 
Nickname : Sandy, Dara, Kiray 
Birth Date : November 12, 1984
Position : Vocal
Height : 162 cm (5’4”)
Blood Type : A
Education : n/a
Religion : None
Hobbies : Music, Internet
Specialties : Acting, Tagalog, English, Chinese
Label : YG Entertainment
Cyworld : http://www.cyworld.com/ygdara
Me2day : http://me2day.net/21dara

➞ Gummy “I’m Sorry” MV with TOP
➞ KBS : Human Theater 5th Trilogy “My Name is Sandara Park:
➞ MBC : Return of Iljimae episode 7
➞ “Lollipop” Cyon Phone CM

➞ G-Dragon 1st Solo Album - “Hello” ft. Sandara Park 

➞ Was born in Busan, South Korea then moved to Phillippines while still young
➞ Fluent in Tagalog and Korean and was a big star in Phillippines
➞ Was the runner up for the reality show ” Star Circle Quest 2004”
➞ Trained in YGEnt since 2007
➞ Fear of puppies
➞ Had a kissing scene with TOP in Gummy’s “I’m Sorry” MV but then it revealed that the kiss was not real. It was just a camera trick
➞ Love to eat Ramyun
➞ The Mood Maker of 2NE1

Dara likes:
1. The color pink
2. Hats
3. Dried Mangoes
4. Vitamins 
5. Lotion
6. Healthy Things
7. Ramen
8. Chocolate
• Macadamia nuts
9. Mickey and Minnie Mouse
10. Hats ; Caps ; Beanies 
• Different colors, designs & styles
11. Sneakers ; Rubber Shoes
12. Shades ; Sunglasses ; Dorky Glasses
13. Bags ; Purses
14. Cameras ; Polaroid cameras
15. Nail Polish
16. Necklaces

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