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Time flies by so fast! It's already 2014 and our precious leader Lee Chaerin, a.k.a. the baddest female CL, turns 23!!! This unforgettable date, February 26, is coming closer and closer, and it's a little bit painful to know that everything goes by too fast. All we can do is to seize the moment, and make CL's birthday meaningful and unforgettable event!.... READ MORE.

More CL Cams 131026 2NE1 at GS& Point Concert

Ugly — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7crKYgO38r4

Source: DC2NE1@YT 

131103 - Tablo’s adorable daughter Haru singing to 2NE1’s ILY on KBS ‘Superman is Back’

Note: Mark at 0:48

Source: redthreaddreams4/kamepi_chan@YGL

(Source: ygladies.com)

131026 I Love You (Bom Ver) at GS& Point Concert

Source: jiyoung jung@YT

(Source: ygladies.com)

131021 2NE1 Featured in ‘2012 Melon Awards’ Highlight Video

2NE1 appears at 0:48

130930 I Love You (Bom Focused) at Times Square (Seoul)

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Source: TT WO@Youtube

131001 2NE1 “I Love You” at China’s Yingji O Show K-pop Concert

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130930 Jedward Continues to Show Unwavering Affection for 2NE1 on SBS Pop Asia

Favorite K-pop songs: I Am the Best and GD’s Crayon & OOAK

The boys even do a bit of the Bomratata and I Love Youuuuuuuu parts of the girl’s songs

John and Edward Grimes, known professionally as Jedward, are an Irish singing and television presenting duo. They are identical twins and first appeared as John & Edwardin the sixth series of The X Factor in 2009, generating a phenomenon of ironic popularity described as “the Jedward paradox”.


Thanks to the tip from @PLANET2NE1

130921 2NE1’s I Love You in 2013 Macau International Fireworks Display Contest

The annual Macau International Fireworks Display Contest - universally acclaimed as one of the best of its kind - takes place on the Macau Tower Shorefront from mid-September to 1st October every year. Over the years, more than 100 international teams from China, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan - China, Japan, Korea, Australia, the UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain have participated in this world-class pyrotechnic shoot-out. Many visitors choose this time of year to come to Macau to enjoy an exotic holiday illuminated by spectacular displays in the night sky that can be enjoyed from many vantage points on the Macau Peninsula and Taipa Island.

Source: viviannack@tudou

130930 2NE1 {Fire, Can’t Nobody and I Love You} at Times Square (Seoul) Mini Concert


(Source: ygladies.com)

Newly Released Fancam —  121021 I Love You - CL Version at GS& Concert 

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